• Daytime: 644–7161
  • After Hours: 644–1234, ask to speak to an advocate (does not require you speak to an officer or initiate a police report)

Victim Advocate Program

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Services & Presentations


  • 24 Hour Confidential Crisis Assistance
  • Assistance filing protective injunctions
  • Emotional Support
  • Evaluation of Options
  • Information and Referrals
  • Safety Planning
  • Temporary Safe Lodging
  • Explanation of Rights, Title IX, & other FSU policies
  • Accompaniment through Medical & Legal Process
  • Assistance in Student Conduct Process
  • Assistance filing Injunctions
  • Instructor notification and other accommodations
  • Assistance filing Victim Compensation

Educational Materials and Presentations

The Victim Advocate Program provides educational materials and presentations to classrooms, campus organizations and clubs, athletics, residence halls, campus ministries, fraternities and sororities, etc. To request a presentation, please visit http://healthycampus.fsu.edu/students/request-presentation and a representative will be in contact with you about scheduling. If you have any questions about VAP presentations, please call 644–7161 or 644–2277.

What audiences are appropriate for VAP presentations?

We offer educational programs for classrooms, campus organizations and clubs, athletic groups, fraternities and sororities, campus ministries, residence halls, scholarship houses, and off campus housing.

What Kinds of Presentations Do We Offer?

We can present on any victimization topic. Most common presentations include:

  1. Sexual Violence – covers definition of sexual battery, consent, myths surrounding rape, statistics, Title IX, rape culture, how to help a friend that is a victim, and FSU resources.
  2. Intimate Partner – includes why victims remain in abusive relationships, power and control dynamics, potential abuser characteristics, the cycle of violence, statistics, and FSU resources.
  3. Stalking/Harassment – covers definitions of stalking and harassment, injunction process, statistics, and FSU resources.
  4. The Victim Advocate Program – introduces the program, its services and how to get into contact with staff

How Long Do Presentations Last?

To present a complete program we ask for at least 45 minutes. However, we can tailor our presentation in content and length to meet your organization's needs.

What is the Style of the Presentation?

We try to make our presentations as interactive as possible, asking for audience participation throughout. We will also work with the requester to alter our presentations to fit their needs.

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