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Dean of Students

Florida State University

Applying for Services

Application Instructions:

  1. Apply and be accepted to Florida State University. Students with disabilities must go through the standard admissions procedure.
  2. Complete the online application (link also given below) for services and attach appropriate documentation before submitting it.
  3. The application deadline for academic accommodations is 7 days prior to the date needed. You may apply for services at any time during the semester, but the SDRC will require 7 days to process your application and schedule the intake meeting. Accommodations are not retroactive, meaning they only apply from the point of completing the intake meeting and submitting the letter of accommodation to your faculty member. Applications received within the last 10 class days of the semester will be processed for the following semester in which you are enrolled.
  4. To begin the online application, you will need a valid Florida State systems log in (FSUID) and password. You will also need a digitized version of your documentation in PDF format to submit with the application.
  5. The online application is located at:
  6. If you do not have a PDF copy of your documentation at the time you apply for services, you can either bring it to the SDRC offices in person or email them to If the online application is inaccessible to you due to a disability, please call our offices at (850) 644-9566 in order to be sent an application in an alternative format.
  7. Once the application is reviewed, the student will be sent an email at their FSU student email address informing them to call and set up an appointment for an intake meeting. Intake meetings are done in person with the student, who must be present. If the student is part of an online distance program, intake meetings can be conducted by phone or skype.
  8. During the student’s intake meeting with their Disability specialist at the SDRC, academic accommodations will be reviewed and explained.


For more information:

The Dean of Student Department supports an inclusive academic environment through education, empowerment, crisis management, and advocacy of students in collaboration with campus and community partners.

We welcome students and family members to connect with the Dean of Students Department if you are experiencing a crisis or just need someone to talk through a problem or experience you are having at Florida State University.

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