Student Disability Resource Center

Photo of the Assistive Technology Lab at the SDRC


Students with disabilities at Florida State University can find a variety of services within Student Disability Resource Center designed to coordinate academic accommodations, enhance academic success, and ensure access to all phases of university life.

Personnel in the SDRC oversee and coordinate services to ensure academic accessibility to all students with documented disabilities on an individual basis. Academic accommodations are determined based on documentation submitted by the student; these are monitored by disability specialists in the program. The office also provides some assistive technology equipment and services. All services through the main office are free of charge.

Application Instructions:

  1. Apply and be accepted to Florida State University. Students with disabilities must go through the standard admissions procedure.
  2. Complete the application (form below) for services from the Student Disability Resource Center and return it along with the documentation for the disability.
  3. The application deadline for academic accommodations is 7 days prior to the date needed. You may apply for services at any time during the semester, but the SDRC will require 7 days to process your application and schedule the intake meeting. Accommodations are not retroactive, meaning they only apply from the point of completing the intake meeting and submitting the letter of accommodation to your faculty member. Applications received within the last 10 class days of the semester will be processed for the following semester in which you are enrolled.
  4. Mail, Email, hand deliver or fax completed applications, along with documentation to:
    Student Disability Resource Center
    Florida State University
    874 Traditions Way
    108 Student Services Building
    Tallahassee, FL 32306-4167
    (850) 645-1852 (Fax)
  5. Once approved, the student will meet with a Disability specialists in the SDRC for an intake interview, during which approved academic accommodations will be reviewed.

Application Forms

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