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Tegrity is a lecture–capture tool that lets you record audio and video using your webcam or computer screen. Videos can be recorded and shared in class, in your office, or at home easily by logging into Blackboard. The advantage of using Tegrity is that it gives all students in a class equal access to the class information in a secure environment. Faculty can record computer screen presentations along with an audio or webcam so students can review both simultaneously. It also keeps lectures in compliance with Florida State’s copyright policy, and locks down vides to students taking the course.

Enabling Tegrity for a course is very simple and can be done through the course’s blackboard site control panel:

  1. Drop down the Control Panel menu.
  2. Select Course Tools.
  3. Select Tegrity Request Tool.
  4. When the Tegrity Request Form loads, look under Service Request. Fill out the information and select Submit.
  5. Allow 24 hours for Tegrity to be enabled on the course site. When this occurs, a “Tegrity Classes” link will appear on your course menu.

Florida State Tegrity overview, instructions, and trouble shooting: https://support.campus.fsu.edu/kb/article/539-tegrity-overview