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ALEKS Placement Test FAQ

What is the ALEKS math placement test?

The ALEKS math pre–test is an on–line, skill-based assessment exam that assists our Math Department in placing you in the appropriate math course during your first semester at FSU.

Why do students need to take the ALEKS math placement test?

FSU is committed to supporting and laying the foundation for student success. Mathematics courses at FSU are rigorous courses, and it is important that students are registered for the appropriate math course based on their current skill level and abilities.

Who needs to take the ALEKS math placement test?

All incoming Freshman students who intend to register for Analytic Trigonometry (MAC 1114), Pre–Calculus Algebra (MAC 1140), Calculus with Analytic Geometry I (MAC 2311), Calculus with Analytic Geometry II (MAC 2312) or Calculus for Business (MAC 2233) as their first mathematics course at FSU (in their first semester or subsequent semesters) will be required to take the ALEKS exam, regardless of SAT/ACT scores, AP/IB/AICE/CLEP scores, or incoming credit.

What if I don’t know what math course I will need to take in my first semester at FSU?

Mathematics requirements vary by your career goals and by your major. Your best source of information about WHICH math courses you need to take is the Academic Map for your chosen major, which you can find here: http://www.academic-guide.fsu.edu. Majors that are likely to require one of the above listed math courses include the following: any major in the natural or hard sciences, mathematics or statistics-based majors, computer science, engineering, and any major in the College of Business.

What if a student has incoming credit for prerequisite math coursework?

Credit awarded through math AP/IB/AICE/CLEP scores or Dual Enrollment/transfer credit will be posted to the student transcript (as required by state law), but students will still be required to take ALEKS to ensure the appropriate math placement and/or use of the Learning Module found within the ALEKS product. Once an ALEKS score is received, then the student should consult with his/her academic advisor during Orientation and the Math Department to determine the most appropriate course of action (i.e., denying test credit and taking a lower level math course or using the Learning Module to prepare for a higher level math course when the student already has incoming college–level credit for prerequisite coursework).

When do I need to take the ALEKS placement test?

Students must take the ALEKS test online before registering for any of the math courses listed above. Students should take the ALEKS test before their scheduled orientation date so they are able to register for a math course while on campus for orientation. Compliance with the testing requirement will be monitored by the Math Department prior to and during the drop/add period. The Math Department will communicate with students directly regarding any testing compliance issues.

What is the Learning Module that is included in the ALEKS math placement product?

After taking the initial assessment, students have access to a learning module that adaptively helps the student to hone rusty but fundamentally sound skills. Students can use the learning module to improve skills and then retake the test, or use it as a supplemental tool to assist in preparing for and successfully completing a math course. The learning module is available to the student for 6 months after taking the placement test.

How much does the test cost?

The cost of the exam is $25 and will be paid directly by the student through the ALEKS website.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the ALEKS math placement test?

Detailed information about taking the ALEKS placement exam can be found on the Math Department’s website at http://www.math.fsu.edu/~bellenot/ALEKS/. If you have additional questions regarding the ALEKS exam, please contact the academic advisor in the Math Department at advisor@math.fsu.edu.