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Dean of Students

Florida State University

Donor Roll

Thank You to our Family Fund Supporters!

Family Connection would like to recognize the below family members & supporters for their generous gifts to the FSU Family Fund.

Legacy Family ($5,000+)
Flambeau* Family ($1,000–$4,999)
  • Edwin and Beth Nelson
  • Stephen Hosman
  • Jen Simon
Gold Family ($500–$999)
  • Michael Amoruso
  • Patricia Echarerri
  • Shayne Hamel
  • Leslie McCullough
  • Corey Narson
  • Jason Waldrup
Garnet Family ($250–$499)
  • Karen Hahn
  • Lisa Heilbronner
  • Dan Renuart
  • Brittany Ring
  • Sher Taton
Spirit Family ($1–$249)
  • Jennifer Alredge
  • Jenny Alterman
  • DeDe Austin
  • Rebecca Bell
  • Dennis Berry
  • Kelly Biastre
  • Gina Bollotta
  • Sheryl Bradley
  • Michael Breunig
  • Robyn Brock
  • Missy Crowther
  • Melissa Crowther
  • Kelly Dine
  • Shelley Ducatt
  • Cindy Fernald
  • Cynthia Gardner
  • Teresa Gianzanti
  • Melissa and Kieran Gifford
  • Abby Gynamon
  • Karen Hahn
  • Jeff and Shelley Heath
  • Renee Hiers
  • Cynthia Johnson
  • Robert Jones
  • Nancy Koch
  • Kathy and Howard Kroplof
  • Chris Maxie
  • Katherine Maxie
  • Carole Meuser
  • Jordan Nation
  • Kathleen Pham
  • John Pisula
  • Debbie Radcliffe
  • JR and Sarah Ritter
  • Rebecca Robinette
  • Scott Sanders
  • Mark Schofield
  • Kerri Sheedy
  • Mark and Mary Shelfer
  • Andrea Sieradzki
  • Sher Taton
  • Erika Tonello
  • Audrey Troin
  • Cathy VanDeMark
  • Tricia and Rob Walton
  • Marsha Weaver
  • Rae White
  • Charks Wilson
  • Shari and Jeff Zipp

All donations and pledges are contributed to Florida State University’s Division of Student Affairs Family Fund benefiting student programs and services.

*Note of Meaning: A flambeau is a burning torch.


The Dean of Student Department supports an inclusive academic environment through education, empowerment, crisis management, and advocacy of students in collaboration with campus and community partners.

We welcome students and family members to connect with the Dean of Students Department if you are experiencing a crisis or just need someone to talk through a problem or experience you are having at Florida State University.

Dean of Students Department

Division of Student Affairs at Florida State University

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