Family Connection

  • Photo of a family on the campus of Florida State University during Parents' Weekend
  • Photo of three students lounging in the grass on Landis Green
  • Photo of the Wescott Building and the brick FSU archway in front of it
  • Photo of a stonework owl and book emblem on the outside Eppes Hall
  • Photo of the stained glass windows inside of Dodd Hall
  • Photo of the University Center's three torches fountain of Vires, Artes, Mores
  • Photo of pink azelea flowers in bloom on campus during spring
  • Wide-shot photo of Wescott Fountain and the circular brick pathway around it
  • Photo of the front of the Wescott Building
  • Photo of the top of University Center's three torches fountain, with Doak Stadium in the background
  •  Photo of orientation leaders stopped in front of a residency hall while touring with students through campus
  •  Photo of orientation leaders touring with students through campus

Get Connected! Stay Connected!

As a family member, we believe that you are one of our most important partners in ensuring student success at FSU. Because you are so important to us, we have a resource exclusively for you called FSU Family Connection! As implied by our name, Family Connection keeps FSU family members connected to the University & your student’s experience by providing you with valuable resources to keep you informed & involved!

Family Connection strives to:

  • Support you in your transition to the FSU family
  • Be your link to FSU & the Tallahassee community
  • Inform you about the University’s resources & services
  • Encourage & promote appropriate family involvement
  • Sustain campus resources & service that benefit all students