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Photo of FSU campus scenery

2016 Orientation Leaders

The Orientation Leaders are current undergraduate students at Florida State University who were selected through a competitive application process and trained as campus experts to assist students and families in their transition to FSU.

2016 Orientation Leader Mission Statement

We, the 2016 Orientation Team, strive to deliver excellence in helping new members of the Seminole Community create their Florida State University experience by:

  • Fostering a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive environment
  • Empowering incoming students by being resources to welcome them into the Florida State community
  • Encouraging students to uphold the Garnet and Gold through embodying strength, skill, and character
  • Aiding in discovering their potential, self-worth, and opportunities available to them

Photo of Hannah Akil
Hannah Akil
Photo of Sarah Michael Anderson
Sarah Michael Anderson
Photo of Sophina Andrade
Sophina Andrade – Team Leader
Photo of Sam Antoury
Sam Antoury
Photo of Jonas Baptiste
Jonas Baptiste
Photo of Haley Barrett
Haley Barrett
Photo of Scott Brennan
Scott Brennan
Photo of Lauren Chambers
Lauren Chambers
Photo of Nell Clark
Nell Clark
Photo of Katelyn Clarke
Katelyn Clarke
Photo of Kirston Clifton
Kirston Clifton – Team Leader
Photo of Austin Crawford
Austin Crawford
Photo of Allona Douglas
Allona Douglas
Photo of Vinny Franco
Vinny Franco
Photo of Emely Galan
Emely Galan
Photo of Lizzi Grant
Lizzi Grant
Photo of Max Hoffman
Max Hoffman
Photo of Tav Horne
Tav Horne
Photo of Rashard Johnson
Rashard Johnson– Team Leader
Photo of Jenny Karpinski
Jenny Karpinski
Photo of Peter Kreutzer
Peter Kreutzer
Photo of Ana Landon
Ana Landon
Photo of Taylor Lorenz
Taylor Lorenz
Photo of Savannah Macisaac
Savannah Macisaac
Photo of Charles Maggitas
Charles Maggitas
Photo of Audrey McKinney
Audrey McKinney
Photo of Jenn Menjivar
Jenn Menjivar
Photo of Casey Mindermann
Casey Mindermann
Photo of Taylor Ney
Taylor Ney
Photo of Stacey Pierre
Stacey Pierre
Photo of Lauren Pleasants
Lauren Pleasants
Photo of Nikki Reyes
Nikki Reyes
Photo of Fernando Ritzinger
Fernando Ritzinger
Photo of Amber Roach
Amber Roach
Photo of Malcolm Robbs
Malcolm Robbs
Photo of Kyle Sailer
Kyle Sailer
Photo of Stephen Soto
Stephen Soto
Photo of Jenna Staub
Jenna Staub– Team Leader
Photo of Hannah Ward
Hannah Ward
Photo of Shawn Whyte
Shawn Whyte

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