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Academic Advising & Locating Advisors

Academic Advising

Academic advising is a process that includes collection of information, interpretation of data, and dissemination of facts regarding educational programs, courses of instruction, resources, policies, procedures, and career options. Together, the advisor and the student can discuss educational goals and map out an academic program that will achieve the student's short term and long term goals. Florida State University takes academic advising seriously, and accordingly has developed an official University policy with expectations for both the student and faculty/advisor during this process.

Locating an Academic Advisor

Advising First is a program within the Division of Undergraduate Studies that places professional academic advisors throughout many of FSU's academic units. Specifically, Advising First advisors provide academic advising to assist students in meeting liberal studies, major and University requirments, and for those students who are undeclared or undecided about a major. In addition to Advising First, the contact information for specific advisiors in departmental areas can be found through the Advisor Search Tool.

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