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Although there is no specific major designed for premed students, most select a major from one of the science, math, or engineering programs. Medical schools do have a set of undergraduate courses required for admission but they do not care if these courses are taken as part of the major or as electives. Students planning to enter medical school should feel free to select a non-science major. The FSU Medical School provides supplemental advising to assist students from any major with weaving the medical school requirements into their undergraduate program, see Pre–Health Advising. Be sure to attend the Pre–Health professions meeting at Orientation. Students should notify their adviser of their medical school plans during orientation advising and enroll in the math and science courses appropriate for a science major. FSU limits access to these courses to those majors that specifically require them so students planning a non-science undergraduate major should contact Undergraduate Studies (850.644.2451) about enrollment in these courses during Orientation registration.

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