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Changing Majors: A Major Decision

Written by Brendan East

Sign with directional arrows of different college majors The pressure of coming to a University, picking a major, and sticking with it is very real. It can seem like a daunting task to many students to decide on a major and feel that it is the perfect fit for them. This is something that I have struggled with personally, which was made even more difficult when comparing myself to my peers who seemed to know exactly what they wanted to major in from the beginning. This time of the year it is especially common to encounter students around campus freaking out about their future. Students may feel an overwhelming sense of pressure to decide summer plans yet alone what career path they want to pursue. Students find themselves questioning their selected major and whether or not to continue with what they're currently studying.

Thankfully, there are many resources to students who may be struggling with this that family members can encourage their students to pursue. Firstly, students can make appointments with the career center on campus to talk about any future options. The career center takes walk–in advising, which is very convenient to busy students who find it hard to make time in their schedules. Students will just need to drop by the Dunlap Success Center anytime between 9 a.m. — 4:30 p.m. More information about all of the resources offered by the Career Center here on campus can be found at Students looking for additional academic advising can also always seek out Advising First academic advisors within the Division of Undergraduate Studies. These advisors operate under three main centers: The Center for Academic Planning, the Center for College Life Coaching, and the Center for Exploratory Students. The Center for Academic Planning is a phenomenal resource to students who are sophomores or beyond and who are looking for more information about their courses or major choices. For additional information, they are available at 850.644.3430. The Center for College Life Coaching provides 1:1 coaches to incoming students to help with any and all personal, academic, and professional goals that students may have. They work closely with academic advisors and can help students connect with their major selection and feel good about it. Their center is located on the ground floor of the William Johnston Building (known as WJB for short around campus). The ground floor of the William Johnston Building is also home to the third center, the Center for Exploratory Students. While this program largely focuses on helping students who are undecided in nature, their academic advisors are always willing to meet with students of all majors to discuss their personal interests, values, and strengths and how that can relate to a career path. Appointments can be made on site or through calling 850.645.2847. The William Johnston Building is building #17 on the map below.

Campus map to William Johnston Building Students wishing to change their majors that have completed 60 hours of coursework or fewer will need to seek approval change through the Office of Undergraduate Studies in Suite A3200 in University Center A. Upper division students who wish to change their majors need to seek out the individual advising offices of their colleges for approval. All of these wonderful resources are available for students to help ease the stress of changing majors. College is a wonderful opportunity for students to take different classes and find what interests them the most. The last thing a student should feel is trapped in a major!

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